Conception, development and consulting

Customized, modern websites and applications for any requirement by an experienced team.

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We listen to you and assist in the exploration of a new or renewal website or other task. Together we develop plans, clarify the various needs, possibilities and technical professional issues, and establish strategies for implementation. Every project is different, and only by looking at the whole can you figure out what's best for your particular mission.

Project Management

Every mission needs an authority that monitors the plans and agreements that have been made, works around obstacles that arise, and adjusts strategies as needed. Here we translate and mediate between developers and customer, consult and sometimes even hold hands. We work with different agile methods tailored to the respective project - always what promises the best success and does not necessarily have to be fashionable.

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Design & Content

While the technical implementation is still being planned, our designers work on the visual design of the projects, with an experienced eye for operation and user experience and in close consultation with the customer and CI or style guide. We weigh up unconventional and new approaches against purpose and target group, put on the brakes if necessary, and are nevertheless happy when we are allowed to be completely creative. This includes the entire mission, from image to layout to the remaining and optimized content.


Development and program code are the heart of our work. We build applications and extensions, integrate external interfaces and create complete web projects for our customers. The basis of the websites is preferably the CMS TYPO3, in whose further development our developers also invest their private time. We wouldn't be where we are if we couldn't (and don't) do things differently - but when it comes to TYPO3, nobody can fool us that easily.

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Every new project comes to an end once. What remains is the daily routine, monitoring and maintenance. Technically, that is, the lubrication with oil in the gearbox of the application or website. Little things have to be changed or replaced, visitor flows have to be analyzed and situation reports have to be created.

We host the websites, take care of security updates and training to learn to help themselves.


We analyze your old project and start together with facelifting or search engine optimization. For newsletters and campaigns we help with concept and creation, depending on personalized needs.

We are especially happy about special requests that challenge us and leave the usual route! And don't worry: We say "no" when we can't do something. Often with references to the appropriate colleagues outside F7, who are burning for exactly that.

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Want to get to know us?

We are happy to receive any request. Gladly we can sit down together (personally, on the phone or viruell) and see how we start together on which journey, if we fit together and can fulfill the exact wishes.

Any question not asked is always a rejection.