Web development in tradition

A path only becomes a journey when you walk it.


Started in 1996 and still far from reaching our goal, we work, research and think for our customers and their projects, constantly evolving. For us the journey is the destination, over the years we have changed and shifted the focus of our work as needed to adapt to new needs and to learn. We still keep it that way today.

Many people have been with us on this mission for a long time, and together with the new faces that have joined us, we can tackle ever more complex and extensive projects. We and our colleagues are old enough not to make any beginner's mistakes and young enough to approach new things with curiosity. We always weigh all available options against each other and hope to continue to successfully take off with our work for the next decades.

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Think and act

The most daring goals are achieved when you not only act but also dream.

Orbit Cafe und Atlantis Space Shuttle im Kennedy Space Center in Florida


Three interdisciplinary teams (Apollo, Sputnik and Voyager) take over the individual customer projects in independent direct support. Hierarchies exist, but they do not play a role in our day-to-day work. As a company in the BetaCodex we have thrown decision-making and silent administration overboard and live by the motto "It decides who works on it and has expertise".
And yes - the management has thereby had to explore completely new fields of activity for themselves, because there is no longer "ignorant sign off".

It remains a flexible company structure with some borrowings from agile project management, but adapted as needed when project or customer has different needs or a new process proves more practical for us.


Our self-imposed mission extends beyond the projects we create with our clients.

We not only want to be an example of diversity and sustainability in our network, but also want to make the world a little bit better within the scope of our possibilities and carry this message to the outside world. That is why we have had ourselves certified under the ÖKOPROFIT program to better address environmental protection within the company and beyond, and are an official environmental partner of the City of Hamburg.

Together - and that of course means regardless of origin, skin color or (non-)gender - we want to put a smile on people's faces with what we really know how to do and what we burn for. That's why we regularly support initiatives like Aidshilfe Hamburg, Lübecker Tafel or Hamburg Pride with our work. We also want to strengthen the TYPO3 community and are a member of the TYPO3 Association.

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Curious now?

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