Yes, is it Christmas again?

Darstellung zur Weihnachtsspende
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Published on 22.12.2021 from Denise
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This year has gone by furiously as well and before you know it, numerous big and small projects, challenges and joyful moments have passed us by and Christmas is just around the corner.

A good deed must be done! But it came much better:

Years ago, we stopped giving customers and business partners the usual chocolates and wine, which were then probably too often given away unopened or even disposed of. Instead, we sat down together from the end of November to select an organization that should be given a donation: to do good.

So far, this is not unusual, hopefully the rule rather than an exception.

This year, our bosses came up with something different: For our (of course) virtual Christmas party, there was a little slip of paper for each team member to fill out in the goodie package. We were allowed to choose which organization or purpose the company should make a Christmas donation of €50 to. In the name of the respective selecting colleague.

While in recent years the selection of one organization was of more casual interest - after all, there are too many that do good and are happy to receive a financial contribution - this year it was much more personal. And at least I was far more intensively involved with the selection.

To make matters worse, many of my colleagues quickly came up with incredibly good ideas that I naturally didn't want to copy.

The selection of projects we now support is a great example of diversity at F7: some colleagues have donated to children in poverty, some to the environment and animal welfare, and still others to organizations that are politically and socially engaged.

I'm excited to be working with such a great team!

There was a lively turnout of people who made their choice of who F7 Media should support on their behalf. And we are not over yet, because donations will continue diligently until after Christmas.

A part of the previous donation recipients in the name of the individual colleagues.

We wish all our customers and business partners a Merry Christmas and hope that no one is sad that we preferred to turn the cost of chocolate and wine into donations for organizations close to our hearts.

Merry Christmas, a happy, successful and hopefully above all healthy year 2022

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