Extended Long Term Support - Alternative to the TYPO3 update?

Symbol vom Extended Long Term Support von TYPO3

Published on 13.08.2021
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With a TYPO3 ELTS version, the update or relaunch of a website can be delayed for a few months - or even years. This sounds attractive, but it also brings disadvantages.


The basis of a secure system is an up-to-date system. Unmaintained systems are problematic; it becomes highly problematic when a system can no longer be kept up to date because updates have been delayed until there is no longer any support for the TYPO3 version used. Security holes, which may even be publicly known, can no longer be closed, so that the system and the stored data are exposed to attacks and highly endangered. It is therefore crucial to perform regular updates. For this reason, we always offer a maintenance and service plan for our projects that covers all minor releases and, most importantly, security-related updates. In addition, we generally recommend that our clients update to the latest LTS versions of TYPO3 as soon as possible.


ELTS stands for "Extended Long Term Support". This means that support with security-related updates can be extended by up to three additional years compared to the regular LTS support period (regular maintenance + priority bug fixes = approx. three years). ELTS versions are not free of charge, so you buy yourself time. But does that make sense? The answer to this question is clear: It depends.


For continuously growing projects that are designed for a long lifetime, the major updates that appear every one and a half years should be planned for - in terms of time and budget. ELTS versions are not the solution here. On the contrary, in this case they lead to a postponement of necessary adjustments and modernizations to the system. Don't do that.

The situation may be different if there are medium-term plans to completely rebuild a project and the old website cannot yet be shut down. In this case, it may make sense to rely on an ELTS version to keep the old project alive for a while via the "ELTS breathing machine".

Also with microsites or action projects that are only designed for a manageable period of time, the extension of the lifetime via the ELTS version can be a good option.

ELTS versions serve as an emergency solution when the budget for a regular update is not available in the current business year. However, since updates can be planned very well on the basis of the TYPO3 Development Roadmap (https://typo3.org/cms/roadmap), this should be the absolute exception.

In short: If the lifetime of a project is foreseeable, an ELTS version can make sense. For long-term projects it must be clear that with the use of ELTS versions an "update bug wave" is built up - updates cannot be skipped! In the end you pay on top and features of new TYPO3 versions are only available with the major updates.


The price for an ELTS version is 2000 Euro plus VAT per year and project. The license can be purchased directly from TYPO3 GmbH. If ELTS versions are needed for many projects, there are cheaper package prices (five or unlimited ELTS versions). In addition, there are the costs for the download of the ELTS version to the corresponding TYPO3 system. For our customers who have booked a regular maintenance and service plan, this is of course already included.

You would like to secure your existing TYPO3 project with an ELTS version or have questions about a complete TYPO3 update? We are happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you!


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