Development, consulting and conception

Individual, modern websites and applications for every requirement from experienced hands.


Stilisierte Darstellung eines agilen Modells mit Raketen


We are always curious about the wishes of our customers and look for an optimal cooperation at eye level in order to develop ideas and concepts individually together, to explore new possibilities and to approach them flexibly.

Stilisierte Darstellung von Open und Close-Tags mit Umlaufbahnen


We want to open up new worlds of technology, develop innovative ideas and not lose the proven basis in the process. For constantly new technical possibilities, you not only have to keep up with the times in terms of knowledge, but also find the most suitable and sustainable solution for each customer.

Stilisierte Darstellung einer startenden Rakete


We explain our approach, prefer a cooperative partnership and are there for you even after the joint projects with supportive training, further development and the emerging challenges in everyday life.


Latest blog articles

Darstellung zur Build-Chain

15.11.2021 | Marc Willmann

Build Chain

Our build chain is an important tool for numerous automations: from assembling the application, checking for compliance with coding guidelines, to deployment.

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